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Company profile


The beginnings of Bernas group s.r.o. company dates back to 1990, when Stanislava Bernasová started to run an accounting and tax consulting business. Due to the rising number of clients, a new company, Bernas spol. s.r.o. was founded on 6th October 1994 with its headquarters in Kramolínova Street in Nymburk. The primary scope of the company’s activities was still consulting in areas of administration of single entry and double entry accounting and wages accounting. At the same time the company focused on the development of retail in the children and baby goods area in Prague, Poděbrady, Nymburk and Nová Paka. In 1999 all activities concerning economical and legal consulting, tax consulting and accounting were transferred to a newly formed company - Bernas group s.r.o.. We have a 15 year tradition in economical and legal consulting, tax consulting and accounting. The Abstract of the Companies Register can be found here

Stanislava Bernasová, tax consultant registration number 293, assets accountant, expert in accounting and taxes and member of Offshore is still the quality guarantee for our offered services. At the present time our company employs 10 professionals each with a specialization in tax, and economical and accounting consulting (viz our team). Each employee has an important role in our company which is why we place emphasis on their high professional qualifications and continuing education. The fact that we have small teams allows us to closely cooperate with clients and to make flexible solutions for newly arising situations, while keeping low prices in comparison to the competition. To expand the range of offered services we work with auditors, commercial lawyers, counselors, notaries, administrators of bankruptcy assets, liquidators and experts in areas of evaluation of property and equities with whom we have long term contracts for cooperation.
We provide complex services in areas of tax consulting, economical and legal consulting, accounting and wages accounting (viz our services). We try to be leading market players in our services to satisfy our clients. W e realize our cooperation with clients on different levels with the primary target of ensuring a full service to our client so that they can fully concentrate on their enterprise.
Our client portfolio consists of businesses of all sizes and legal forms. Our core clients are stock companies and limited companies with an annual turnover from 1 million to 2 billion and staff numbers ranging from 10 to 400. Our clients have different business interests.With our existing clients we adhere to long term mutualy satisfied cooperation. For new clients we try to offer conditions and quality of services with which our competition cannnot compete.

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