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Values and objectives


Our company philosophy is to provide services of highest level leading to achievement of maximum benefit for the client. In our activities we strictly follow adherence to company’s values which allow us to be a responsible partner. The basis of our company philosophy are the following values:

100% loyalty


we always look back upon our client’s interest and wishes and in our actvities we always keep results for the client in view



the main standard for our activities is the high quality of provided services and the client’s satisfaction



thanks to the high proficiency and work determination of our work team we guarantee high added value for the client

Look into the future


we try to predict upcoming developments and take it into account for our consulting activities in advance



in standard and in nonstandard situations we develop new ideas and innovative techniques for their possible solutions

Individual approach and flexibility


In providing our services we use our experience and common principles while respecting the specifics of individual cases

Within the medium term, we have set the following goals:

  •  building of the company, oriented towards middle sized and large companies
  •  consolidation of business relationships with our present clients
  •  maintaining our important position in the region and its expansion
  •  obtaining certification of quality system for tax consulting according to ISO standards
  •  expanding the professional experience of our work team
  •  intensifying our communication with clients with the help of internal IS
  •  primary focus on providing services in areas of tax consulting, economical and legal consulting while exercising accounting control
  • implementation of on-line consulting
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